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What did it mean by Secure Mail?

Well, Secure Mail is Mail Provider Service which gives Safe Email Solution that Encrypts you Data ( Messages ) from Advertisements companies, Other Hacker Activities etc.

There are so many Regular Mail Providers provides there services that you most commonly used services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail etc.. they not for privacy.

Do you Know

Over 13 million records have leaked or been lost in published Cybersecurity breaches since 2013. 

secure mail

Do you think these all are 100% Safe?

That's why Secure Mail Providers Comes under existence.

These all mail providers come with Encryption mechanism  

Features and Pros of Secure Mail:

They Provide End to End Encryption, PGP Encryption and Open Source, No Logs are Generated while using their services, Two Way Authentication Feature, They don't even store your passwords too, Metadata Handling, Open Source to Use.

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Cons of Secure mail:

  As we discuss the pros or features of secure mail, There are some cons 

1) If you forgot your password, you can't get back that I mean you can't recover back because as I said earlier they don't even store your passwords in their servers. 

2) Another Disadvantage of this server is they only provide limited features for free if you want to use the full feature that you need to pay.  

Proton Mail:

Proton Mail is Email Service that is created in 2013. Its headquartered in Switzerland. all the data protected by Strict Switzerland's privacy laws.

It is one of the best and cheap encrypted mail service provider out there.

Its main mechanism is End to End Encryption. 

Proton Mail is Available for Web, Android and IOS devices.

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Pros and Cons of Proton Mail:

1) The Mail advantage of proton mail is End to End Encryption, only you and your recipients can see the mail that you send not even proton mail.

end to end encryption
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2) No Third parties interference like displaying ads and selling your data some of ads companies

3) Don't require any personal information when you signup in their platform. they only ask for username and password.

4) They don't keep your logs and IP Address of yours.

5) Its is user friendly to use and Simple Design that same as ordinary mail providers.

6) Only Limited Messages can send in a day.

7) The recipient need the password to see the message that you send.

8) As I said earlier it is a simple design that inbox, outbox, spam etc, all are same as a regular services provider 

The Best Amazing Features of proton mail:

1) End to End Encryption that only you and your recipient can see your messages.

2) Self Destruction Option that you can set a time to message disappear forever

3) Your can Customize your appearance.

4) Open Source CryptoGraphy 

5) Ability to Send encrypted email to other email providers

6) SSL Secured Connection this feature provides from Man-in-Middle Attack.